Harry Potter Book and Movie Comparison

What is the worst thing you saw when comparing the Harry Potter books and movies?

Weasley is our king! (only in books)
In the movie, when Harry tells Hermione and Ron that he’s going to sacrifice himself, Ron lets him go alone.

This might be just me, but I get really irritated when small things are changed in the movies. A few of them being Dudley and Neville’s hair colour (both are blond, but in the movie have brown hair). To be clear, though, I’m not bothered by Hermione being so pretty and Ron not lanky and Harry so short, because those were things the director didn’t know would happen in the future when he cast them.

Some other changes that bother me include:

In movies 3 and 4 Hermione lacks her know-it-all personality and practically steals so many of Ron’s lines, and the movies also made it seem like she had a better friendship with Harry than Ron did with Harry. It made Ron look like the third-wheeler when we all really know Harry was the third-wheeler.

In PoA, the movie lacks a lot of the good plot that was in the book, and the importance of the Firebolt and the checking if it was jinxed, etc. Also, that was the year where Snape suspected Lupin, and that wasn’t very well portrayed in the movie.

There are a lot more comparisons I didn’t like, but I could keep writing forever. However, if you do want to hear more, comment your question(s) and I’ll answer.

There's a lot in the movies, that is not in the books and vice versa.

Starting from the end, in the Deathly Hallows, Harry Potter fights Voldemort in the Great Hall in the attendance of all the Battle Survivors of Hogwarts. And Voldemort dies realistically, rather than being utterly volatile(or combustible?).

The elves join in the Battle Of Hogwarts(victorious music please.). A very emotionally charged scene. But none of this happens in movies. It would have been nice to hear Kreacher say, "Fight for My master(R.A.B. of course)"

In the Order of The Phoenix, Dolores Umbridge is a much more surly and sick character. She inspires more hatred than anyone else in the series. But in the movies, she is a cute girly woman in pink, with makeup and beauty. Even her role is much less. Also, Cho doesn't give the Dumbledore's Armies members away. Its another friend of hers. And the Room Of Requirement cannot be blasted as easily as Dolores does in the movie.

The prophecy does not declare itself to Harry. The sound is lost in the clamor. But Dumbledore narrates all of it to Harry.

Neville doesn't give Gillyweed to Harry. Dobby does. After stealing it from Snape's office.

And hundreds more. But these were the most unacceptable. My perception.

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